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Charlotte, Herbal Medicine Specialist


"Peter is a healer's healer and knows just where to go to get to the root of dis - ease, both physical and spiritual. At one point, he helped dissolve some painful kidney stones I was experiencing. Peter has also miraculously helped restore my immune system. As a result of his work with me, I feel better physically and he has also contributed to my greater spiritual comfort. Being balanced again feels absolutely marvelous. Endless thank yous to Peter."

BJ Appelgren, LCSW, MAE, counselor and author


I originally went to Peter for general therapy, just wanting to enjoy the benefits of relaxing body work. Within that process I had a remarkable experience.  I¹ve had lifelong scoliosis. When the bed rest and drugs offered by conventional treatment proved unsatisfactory, I was told that surgery was my only other option. Still a young adult, I discovered, at that time, what was considered unconventional treatment, chiropractic. It was more helpful than drugs and bed rest. As I grew older, practicing yoga and Alexander lessons changed the way in which I used my body and improved my function even more. Although I was able to perform almost normally, including gardening, I still had scoliosis. When I¹d look down at my rib cage, the left side was about an inch further forward than the right side. When I sat in the car for long drives, the extreme difference in the level of my hips, one side resting against the ribs, became uncomfortable. At the age of 63, I did not expect my bone configuration to improve. After a few months of seeing Peter, however, I happened to look down and was surprised to see that the two sides of my ribs were almost perfectly aligned with each other! Now, an occasional tune-up keeps me untroubled.
A second incident I¹d like to share with potential clients is about an emergency. I had a terrible pain in my abdomen after dinner one night. Since I have some chronic digestive concerns, it didn¹t surprise me. However, this time the discomfort wasn¹t letting up. As reluctant as I was to see a doctor for a stomach ache, I began considering going to the emergency room of our local hospital. I told my husband I was going to call Peter for distance healing and if I didn¹t get relief within a short time, I would go. Peter agreed to work on me. I lay down and again put my attention on breathing through the painful area. This time, after a few minutes, the pain stopped and in another minute the discomfort completely disappeared. I was about to phone Peter again to let him know I was all right and that he could stop. The phone rang. It was Peter saying that he felt a change and to ask how I was feeling.
These two experiences with Peter¹s therapeutic body work should give  people an idea about some ways he may be able to help them with their physical challenges. What I like additionally is that Peter will teach you exercises and techniques you can use to help yourself. He¹s also very sensitive to any physical conditions the client may suffer from. As you can see, I have a strong bias, hoping that others will consider going to him for help.


Hyparxys · 44 Paddock Pl · Charles Town WV 25414

For an appointment call (304) 725-4160 or email peter@hyparxys.com.

Dr. Mathis, MD


Many of you were fortunate enough to experience the wonderful massages of Peter Shor, one of the principal therapists at SPAyurveda, our Ayurvedic clinical facility in Leesburg, VA. So you know we’re not exaggerating when we say he is truly exceptional.

For those of you who missed out, Peter combines his extensive training in myofascial release, deep tissue, Swedish massage and energy work with his profound knowledge of anatomy, his intuition, and his innate compassion to produce massages that are therapeutic in the true sense of the word. (Therapeutic adj. Having healing or curative powers; gradually or methodically ameliorative.)

We’ve seen Peter’s massages bring grateful recipients back from the edge of surgery, speed recovery from injuries, restore mobility to “frozen” joints, decrease pain and improve flexibility throughout the musculoskeletal system.  We’ve also watched his massages lower stress levels, reduce anxiety and help folks regain their natural inner calm. He is gifted, that’s all there is to it.

David and Debbie Mathis





Just a note to say "WOW!" I don't want to speak too soon, but the work you did on my forearms last Saturday has worked wonders already. I've pretty much suffered from some sort of pain in this area for a couple years (since lifting weights). I had found some tips on bodybuilding sites to help alleviate the pain, but nothing to make it GO AWAY. This morning, I was able to pick up the 20lb weights for dumbbell curls WITH NO PAIN! I have been stuck on 15lbs for about 13 weeks now. I increased my weight on just about every exercise yesterday and this morning! Hallelujah!

My husband and I were talking this morning and we agreed if I had gone to a doctor/clinic, they would simply have given me pain killers or shot me up with cortisone. Neither of which solves the root problem!

THANK YOU AGAIN and see you in a few weeks!

Best regards,


Martinsburg, WV

Assorted Email Comments


“Thanks again for today’s session. I really felt soooooo bouyant and filled with light following our session. It was amazing to me to be walking down the hallway, pain-free and really happy and easy. So, whatever else we accomplished, that was something I can hold onto the memory of.”

“Your work was great and all the pains, swellings, stiffness was gone !!!!”  

“Thanks again for last week's massage. I have been sleeping a lot better, breathing a lot better, and feeling a lot less sore since I visited you last week.”

“All I can say is:  wow!  My back feels soooo much better today.  There is a measurable increased range of motion - like when I twist back and forth at the hip.  It was stiff and hard to get all the way around before.   The localized pain on the left side is almost completely gone.  Of course, I'll let you know how things go after "squat" day on Thursday, but right now I feel like a million bucks!  :-)”

“I felt GREAT this morning when I woke up and really sensed the deep healing that had occurred. It was as though the CRUD had been shifted out of my body. I am breathing great today and not wheezing or straining to get my breath. This is a delight. All in all, I am a 110% satisfied customer and say a blessing for you each day 'til our next session.”

“Dear Peter - I hope this is you - did you used to be at Blue Ridge Therapeutic Massage in Winchester???  Because, if that was you, I used to come to you for massages, and gosh oh golly gee, I've been looking ever since for anyone who could give as good a massage as you do....and guess what, I haven't found anybody - how long would it take me to get to you from Winchester?? “

“You gave me an outstanding massage that almost completely resolved my prenatal sciatica in January--so good that I didn't need another massage afterwards. Now that I have a son, I want one as a temporary vacation of sorts. :)”

“That catch in my back and neck released.  Praise, not flattery.  I had been to an orthosurgeon and 3 different chiros without relief.  Probably 6 or 8 years of that anyway.”

“Thank you over and over again for your work yesterday.  I am so excited to have finally found the massage therapist I've been looking for years and will certainly spread the word!”

“Thank you so much for the massage this afternoon.  My foot feels great and my arm does too.  An unbelievable improvement!”

“So now I know that you are just one person, and I definitely remember working with you at the Core workshop . . . by the way, the chronic pain in my shoulder that I had had for more than a year went away that weekend and never came back. :)  Thank you!”

“Well my performance went really well on Sunday, and I know some of the success had to do with my relaxed neck muscles.”

 “I feel much better.  Truly, I have no more back and shoulder pain.  I look forward to seeing you again when my kids go back to school after their vacation.”



Hyparxys · 44 Paddock Pl · Charles Town WV 25414

For an appointment or repair estimate call (304) 725-4160 or email peter@hyparxys.com.